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Welcome to Cubesmith, home of the best twisty puzzle replacement stickers.
If it is your first time visiting our site, please take a moment to look over our FAQ page.

We do ship worldwide. If you have an address and can place an order, we will ship to you. If you are unable to enter your correct shipping address through Paypal, please email us your transaction ID number and your correct shipping address.

We now offer custom cut stickers for most puzzles available from Shapeways. Contact us via email for more information about placing a custom order.

Cubesmith started several years ago as a side project of a screen printing company, to help some friends make their cubes look new again. We now offer over 45 different colors of vinyl and over a dozen different colors of Lexan tiles to customize more than 30 different twisty puzzles, as well as many sets to replicate original color schemes. We also offer several screen printed sticker sets, including mazes, calendars, and sudoku, as well as colorblind sets designed for colorblind cubers who may have trouble distinguishing sticker colors. If you can't find what you're looking for here, we're probably working on it, so check back for updates. As always, thanks to everyone for their continued support, patience, and feedback.

Cubesmith Tiles
Cubesmith is the exclusive manufacturer of high quality Lexan replacement tiles, which are much more durable than ordinary vinyl stickers. The tiles are printed on the backside of 0.010" thick Lexan (a brand of hard, practically unbreakable polycarbonate resin, used for shatterproof windows and the like), and a high quality adhesive is applied to the back. While the lifespan of the tiles is dependent upon wear and care, with normal use tiles can last a year or longer. Tiles are available on either smooth or textured Lexan, in a variety of colors for 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 6x6x6, 7x7x7, and Eastsheen 2x2x2 cubes, as well as Helicopter and Megaminx puzzles, with more sets and colors to come in the future. They are die-punched for smooth, rounded corners. Cubesmith also offers uncut 3" squares of tile material, which can be cut with a strong pair of scissors or blade, to create your own tile shapes. The difference between smooth and textured material is in the surface texture of the tile (what you actually feel when it's on the cube); the smooth ones are smooth (though not as smooth as the vinyl), and the textured ones have a slightly textured feel to them (similar to sandpaper, if it were made of plastic).

Cubesmith Vinyl
Cubesmith vinyl stickers are cut from a solid, self-adhesive vinyl. Cubesmith vinyl stickers are more durable than the original stickers, as they are not laminated, so they will not have that clear layer that tends to peel up on the original puzzle stickers. We currently offer more than 45 different colors of vinyl, as well as several varieties of screen-printed vinyl sticker sets.

Cubesmith Digitally Printed Stickers
Cubesmith is now offering sticker sets which are digitally printed on high quality vinyl and have a solid layer of lamination for durability. Printed sticker sets which have been printed digitally will say so at the top of the page. Digital printing will allow us to offer many new and more detailed sticker options, and will allow us to print multi-colored sticker sets.

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