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Sticker Sets and Singles
All prices are for stickers only, cube not included.

 6 Sided Puzzle Stickers Miscellaneous 4+ Sided Puzzle Stickers Specialty Sticker Sets

Logos and Decals

     2x2x2 Puzzles
     2x2x2 Eastsheen
     2x2x2 Harry Potter
          2x2x2 Pillowed V-Cube
          2x2x2 Rubik's
          2x2x2 WitEden  

     3x3x3 Puzzles
     3x3x3 Standard Size (fits 57mm cubes)
(.625 in [1.6cm] square; fits Rubik's brand
                                and other standard size cubes)

     3x3x3 Small Size (fits 55-57mm cubes)
(.591 in [1.5cm] square; fits C4Y F-Type,
                                DaYan1-6, ShengShou, Fangshi)

3x3x3 Extra Small Size (fits 52-54mm cubes)
(.53 in [1.35cm] square; fits MF8 Legend,
                                mini Fangshi)

         3x3x3 Extra Small Size,
                         Rounded Corners
(fits 52-54mm cubes)
                               (.53 in [1.35cm] square;
                                  designed to fit Moyu AoLong)

     3x3x3 Pillowed V-Cube

     4x4x4 Puzzles

           4x4x4 Standard Size
(fits Rubik's, Eastsheen, and ShengShou cubes)
4x4x4 Pillowed V-Cube

           4x4x4 Florian Mod

     5x5x5 Puzzles
           5x5x5 Standard Size
(fits Rubik's and V-Cube brands)
5x5x5 Small Size
(fits Eastsheen and ShengShou brands)
5x5x5 Standard Size Florian Mod

     6x6x6 Puzzles
           6x6x6 V-Cube
           6x6x6 ShengShou Cube
           6x6x6 ShengShou Florian Mod

     7x7x7 Puzzles
7x7x7 Pillowed V-Cube
            7x7x7 ShengShou Cube
            7x7x7 ShengShou Florian Mod
               7x7x7 ShengShou Mini Cube
            7x7x7 ShengShou Mini Florian Mod

     8x8x8 Puzzles

             8x8x8 ShengShou Cube

           8x8x8 Pillowed V-Cube

     9x9x9 Puzzles
            9x9x9 YJ Pillowed Cube

           9x9x9 ShengShou Cube

     10x10x10 Puzzles
10x10x10 ShengShou Cube

     11x11x11 Puzzles
            11x11x11 Pillowed Cube




      Alexander's Star

     Axis Cube

     Crazy 3x3x2

     Crazy 3x3x3


      Curvy Copter

      DaYan Gem I

     Fisher's Cube

     Fisher's Golden Cube


     Gear Cube

     Gear Cube Extreme

     Gear Shift Cube

     Ghost Cube
     Gigaminx Puzzles

           Cube4You Gigaminx
     MF8 Gigaminx

     Half-Truncated Cube

     Helicopter Cube

     Jing's Pyraminx

     Keychain Cube


      Master Cuboctahedron

      Master Kilominx

     Master Pyramorphinx

     Master Skewb


      Mirror Bump Cube

     Octagonal Prism (Barrel Cube)

     Octahedron and Face-Turning

     MF8 Petaminx


     Pyraminx Crystal

     Rex Cub

     Rainbow Cube

      Skewb (Pyraminx Cube)

     Skewb Ultimate (Pyraminx Ball)


     Super Square-1


     Trajber's Octahedron

     Void Cube (Rubik's Brand)

      Windmill Cube


     Calendar Sets (Available in
                            English, Japanese, Latin,
                            and French)

     Colorblind Sets

     3x3x2 Domino Sets

     Maze Sets


     Super Sudoku

      World Championship 2013 Set

     Round Stickers
          3x3x3 Round
          4x4x4 Round
          5x5x5 Round

     Ruben King Cube Stickers
          3x3x3 Ruben King Cube
          4x4x4 Ruben King Cube
          5x5x5 Ruben King Cube

     Shepherd's Stickers
          3x3x3 Shepherd's Cube
          4x4x4 Shepherd's Cube
          5x5x5 Shepherd's Cube

     Supercube Stickers
          3x3x3 Supercube
          4x4x4 Supercube
          5x5x5 Supercube





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