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Shade Shifting Material Information
Shade shifting material has been discontinued by our supplier. They will continue to supply it until their stock runs out, and we will do the same.
The sets will be removed from the site as soon as we are out of one color; singles will remain until we are completely out of the color.
**We have run out of green/purple, cyan/purple, magenta/gold, and silver/green uncut material.
We will continue to offer the sizes we have in stock, but as soon as stock runs out, the colors will be removed from the site.

Clockwise from top: green/purple, gold/silver, purple/cyan, magenta/gold, blue/red, silver/green.
Due to the nature of the material, it is difficult to photograph the color accurately. Shades may appear differently in different lighting.

We have included pictures  provided by
Hidetoshi Takeji. He's also made a video of the Shade Shifting material.

*Please note: The Shade Shifting Blue/Red material has a slight fogginess to it. We contacted our supplier, and even exchanged it for a new roll, but this seems to be the condition of their entire stock of this particular material. The fogginess is not too obvious once the stickers are on a puzzle, but is more noticeable when the material is seen next to another of the shade shifting colors.

When applying Shade Shifting stickers to a puzzle, care must be taken to apply the stickers exactly as they are arranged on the paper backing. Since the color shifts, rotating a sticker can cause the color to change at a different angle in certain lighting.

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